Religious Arts Center

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center was established in 2008 to collect and preserve fine art from the many houses of worship that were forced to close their doors. The Art Center is one of the few galleries in the United States housed in a former church and dedicated to the preservation of religious art. The Buffalo Religious Art Center has a threefold purpose: to preserve the former St. Francis Xavier Church which houses our collection, to collect and display religious art from the closed churches, and to provide a testimonial to the people who created this art. The Center, at 157 East Street, collects religious art from all denominations and will appeal to people, both religious and non-religious, who appreciate fine art.


THE BUFFALO  RELIGIOUS ARTS CENTER IS TAKING PART IN 14207 DAY (sponsored by Joseph Golombek, North District Council Member and The Zenger Group)

Did you ever have to clear out a family member’s house?  The house is going to be sold and everthing must be disposed of. It can be a difficult task in trying to decide what to keep, what to toss out and what to sell. It creates a dilemma when you are cleaning out the house of a relative and you run across some religious items and you don’t know what to do with these items.   The most delicate decision of all is what to do with the religious items: prayer books, wedding photos, First Communion photos, statutes, rosaries, Holy Cards or Menorahs.

Photos of weddings, first communions and class photos from any Buffalo Schools are particularly important.  Photos must be and black and white or sepia.

Also important are old prayer books from First Communions or Bridal Wedding prayer books and Bibles.  Prayer books in languages other than English are very important to show what languages were spoken in Buffalo in the early 1900’s.

Please bring older Holy Cards and religious metals and any rosaries but do not bring in items that have been in the basement and are covered in mold.

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center is located in the former St. Francis Xavier Church at 157 East Street and started collected religious artifacts in 2008.  Since then the collection has increased significantly we are now collecting smaller and more personal articles for display cases.

Please note that not  all items will be  added to the collection at the Religious Arts Center.  Some will be gifted to Our Lady of Hope Parish where they will be appreciated.

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center will be opened from 11:00 am until 1 pm on Saturday, August 5 to receive vintage religious items.