Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition

The Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition will be at 567 Hertel from 11am to 2pm.  They will be a the community center for Renovation Church on the corner of Hertel and St. Florian.”

History of ECRJC

Formed in 2013, The Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition is a coming together of people from across our county who believe that conflicts are often best resolved by the people involved. By creating a safe space where all individuals involved in a conflict can come together and discuss what happened, who was harmed, and who bears the responsibility for repairing the harm, ECRJC facilitators are helping to change the way our community addresses conflict and crime.

We are an ever-expanding group of individuals who share a desire to improve our community through the use of Restorative Justice in resolving interpersonal conflict and addressing criminal cases. We host regular trainings in Community Conferencing and Talking Circles, and work diligently to get the word out about Restorative Justice and its many uses.

We are working to build our presence in Buffalo City Court, Buffalo Family Court, The Buffalo Public Schools, and across the community.

Our Vision

The Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition promotes social justice and community building in the Western New York region through the dissemination of restorative justice practices in schools, the courts, and other community settings and institutions.  Through the use of restorative justice practices, we seek to create safer, more supportive environments in which children, youth and adults in our communities can live, learn, work, play and thrive.

Our Mission

Raise awareness, develop systems and provide advocacy that improves engagement and outcomes with restorative solutions for offenders, victims and community.

  • build systems that address misbehavior in crime in a way that strengthens relationships and reduce recidivism
  • focuses on the harm done
  • victim centered
  • engages in collaborative problem-solving
  • emphasize dialogue and community building


Our Website: ECRJC.ORG